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Leonardo da Vinci: Studies

Following a doctorate in the history and philosophy of science at the Warburg Institute (London 1975), the author was invited to work with the late Dr. Kenneth D. Keele, M.D., F.R.C.P. as a senior fellow at Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine (London 1975-1977). This was followed by further years of post-doctoral fellowships at the Herzog August Bibliothek (Wolfenbüttel) during which time Dr. Keele remained a mentor. This resulted in books and articles. Ongoing studies are leading gradually to a first Collected Works of Leonardo which is being developed as one of the SUMS demos.


Linear Perspective and Visual Dimensions of Science and Art, in collaboration with Dr. Kenneth D. Keele Munich: Deutscher Kunstverlag, 1986. (written 1975-1978)

Continuity and Discovery in Optics and Astronomy, 1979-1984, 2 volumes, Unpublished.

Volume 1: Optics
Volume 2: Astronomy

Leonardo's Method.
Originally a lecture at the Ateneo di Brescia, "Struttura e metodo nei manoscritti di Leonardo" sponsored by the Centro di studi Leonardiani, Brescia, April, 1991.
Published as a book: Brescia: Centro Ricerche Leonardiane, 1993.
Revised March/April 2004.


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