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Leonardo Studies


Kim H. Veltman

Leonardo Studies: Progress Report and Long Term Plans

August 1982

1. Introduction
2. Volume One
3. Volume Two
4. Volume Three
5. Six Stages of Development
6. Systematic Elements
7. Four-Year Project
8. Long Term Plan
9. Significance
10. Future Possibilities.

1. Introduction

These studies began in February 1973 under the auspices of the Wellcome Institute and the direction of Dr. K. D. Keele, M.D., F.R.C.P. while the author was writing a dissertation at the Warburg Institute in London. At the outset there was a simple question: whether Leonardo's claims concerning linear perspective were experimentally based. Repetition of several experiments described in the notebooks confirmed that this was the case.

It was decided that a comprehensive study of Leonardo's writings on perspective should be made. Meanwhile Dr. Keele had become engaged in preparing a new edition of the Corpus of Anatomical Studies in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle. During the period 1975-1977 his involvement was, therefore, limited to fortnightly consulting sessions. From 1977 through 1982 these meetings took the form of intense 4-7 day sessions two or three times per year. As a result the would be assistant found himself much more centrally involved in the project than had been foreseen.

Since July 1975 generous support from the foundations Wellcome, Volkswagen, Alexander von Humboldt, Thyssen and ûerda Henkel has enabled continued research on a full-time basis. Without. this assistance the present studies would not have been possible.

Thus far volume one has been completed. Volume two will be finished within the next twelve months and a third volume is planned. Each of these will be briefly described. A future project will then be outlined and the implications thereof will be examined in turn.

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