Education and Research


Kim H. Veltman

Roadmaps for Research and Research Topics in Digital Culture

Mapping the Future, Luxembourg, European Commission, DG INFSO, Directorate E, 28 January 2003.

Introduction In 1996, the G7 pilot project 5: Multimedia Access to World Cultural Heritage had four sections on Access, Archive, Display and Navigate, all related in some sense to access. In the past years, there has been a shift to understand the entire knowledge creation/production life-cycle. In 2003, this includes four basic research topics: Preserve, Access, Create/Produce and Learn. While the most immediate areas for research may lie in the areas of access and creation/production, we need an approach that allows us to approach the whole creation/production life cycle more systematically: i.e. not just studying elements in isolation, but to understand their integration. We suggest that research matrices through Networks of Excellence (NoEs) can help this process.

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