Kim H. Veltman

World Access to Cultural Heritage: an Integrating Strategy

Acts of Congress: Beni Culturali. Reti Multimedialità, Milan, 1996.
Published: Milan: Politecnico di Milano, 1999, pp. 69-80.

Private Initiatives
Economic Opportunities
G-7 Project and Subprojects

1. Introduction

In 1995, the European Commission organized a first exhibition on the Information Society in Brussels (February) at which time eleven pilot projects were proposed. This suggestion was accepted at the World Summit in Halifax (June 1995) which led to a first demonstration of work in progress at the ISAD (information Society and Developing Countries) Conference in Midrand (May 1996). For the ISAD Conference, four sections from Italy and Canada were chosen to represent pilot project five, Multimedia Access to World Cultural Heritage, which specifically addresses content found in museums and galleries ...

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