Connecting and Ordering: Metaphysical

1. Goals and Activities 
2. Cosmic Egg
    a. West
    b. East
3. Three Worlds
4. World Tree
    a. Tree of Life
    b. Sacred Trees
5. Cross
    a. Astronomy 
    b. Cardinal Directions 
    c. Halo, Mandorla and Sword
6. Animals
    a. Dragon, Phoenix 
    b. Eagle, Lion, Turtle, Elephant
7. Zodiac
    a. Signs
    b. 2D-3D
    c. Fish to Man
8. Constellations
    a. Stories
    b. Cosmologies 
9. Microcosm
    a. Energy Levels
    b. Initiation
10. Microcosm-Macrocosm
    a. One to Nine 
    b. Heavens on Earth
11. Heaven and Hell

Connecting and Ordering: Physical

12. Totems 
    a. Identity to Personality 
13. Patterns 
    a. Mathematical Order
    b. Public Secrets 
14. World Tree, Alpha and Omega
15. Shelters to Cities of Dead and of Sacrifice
16. Sacred Cities 
    a. East
    b. West
    c. Nature
17. Buildings: East
    a. Mount Meru and the Stupa
    b. Temple, City, Cosmos
18. Buildings: West
    a. Temples, Theatres and Coliseums 
    b. Monastery, Church and Public Space 

Sharing with Others 

19. Mimesis
20. Matching
    a. Nature
    b. Words
21. Matching 
    c. Narratives 
    d. Events
    e. Local 
22. Translating Across
23. Transformations
    a. West
    b. East
24. Exploring
25. Digital Bridges
26. New Theory of Culture
27a. Lotus and the Rose
27b. Lotus and the Palm
28. From Sin to Sun
    a. Eternal Feminine 
    b. Warrior, Shepherd and Bard
29. Stages of Man and the World Egg
30. Shared Universals 
    a. Cycles 
    b. Rebirth
    c. Elixir of Immortality
    d. Stories of the Sky