Classification Systems

Classification Library of Congress: Scope Note Narrower Term: Automatic classification Narrower Term: Classification of sciences Narrower Term: Folk classification Universal Systems Classification, Analytico-synthetic > Classification, Faceted Classification, BBK Classification, Bibliographic > Bliss Bibliographic Classification Classification, Colon Classification, Decimal Narrower Term: Classification, Dewey decimal Narrower Term: Classification, Japanese decimal Narrower Term: Classification, Korean decimal Narrower Term: Classification, Universal decimal Classification, Faceted Narrower Term: Classification, Colon Classification, Library of Congress Specialized Classification, Animals > Animals Classifcation Classification, Botany > Plants Classification Classification, Zoology > Animals Classification Classification, Civil Law > Civil law Classification Wiki: Classification may refer to: Library classification and classification in general Taxonomic classification Scientific classification of organisms Classification (literature) Statistical classification Security classification classification theorems in mathematics. Film classification Attribute-value system CLASSIPHI is a seabed mapping tool supplied by QinetiQ. Categorization Not mentioned by the Library of Congress are the two universal systems in classifcation of art: Iconclass Art and Architectural Thesaurus Classification Drawings > Classification Drawing Classification Moving-pictures > Classification Motion pictures

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