Sanskrit Alphabet

The alphabet in relation to sacred numbers played a very important role especially in Sanskrit and Hebrew. In Sanskrit the origins of the Alphabet are associated with Sarasvati and with the A Ka Tha Inverted Triangle. In the interpretation of Kabir the basic sounds of the alphabet link with the chakras of the Indian system.

The word alphabet comes from the word alpha (a) and bet (b), in the same way the tantrics call the group of letters a kñara-mala which means the necklace (mala) from a ( A ) to kña ( ] ). The letters themselve can be called akñaras as well as varëas (colors), and sometimes the alphabet is called the varëa-mala. In the Puranic period the alphabet was called the Ahaà, again representing a ( A ) to ha ( h ), as the conjunct letter was not accepted as part of the alphabet at that time. In the time of the Sanskrit scholar Paëini (500 BC), the alphabet was called the Varëa-Samämnäya. In Vedic times the alphabet was called matåkä, which means mothers. The letters are considered not just the mother of all literature (composed of words, composed of letters), but the mother of the whole universe which is composed of sound. In this way it is said that tantriks don’t worship statues as gods but instead worship letters as gods. http://shrifreedom.org/VyasaSJC/lessons1sanskritalphabet2.htm