Connecting 1. Metaphysical

Connecting 1. Metaphysical This entails a quest for Orientation, (Explanation, Sense Making) through development of basic symbols such as eggs. trees, animals, placing these within basic co-ordinates (4 directions, 6 directions, 10 directions) for ordering the world. This evolves into cosmologies with paths of the sun (zodiacs) and of the moon (mansions for the moon); constellations, and gradually into microcosm-macrocosm models, typically with a series of 3-33 worlds; with a series of planes of existence, and often notions of heaven and hell. Lectures Connecting 1: Metaphysical: 1. Goals and Activities 2. Cosmic Eggs 3. Three Worlds 4. World Trees 5. Crosses 6. Animals 7. Zodiacs 8. Constellations 9. Microcosms 10. Microcosm-Macrocosm 11. Heaven and Hell Entailed in this developments is an evolution in forms of expression from initial Superstitions, Thoughts, Tales and Markings to more complex forms. Superstitions Beliefs Religion Theology Thoughts Theories Philosophy Cosmology Astronomy Mathematics Tales Stories Myths Mythology Epics Poetry Literature Markings Patterns Symmetry Ornament Geometry