Cosmic Egg

The egg of creation is sometimes called the cosmic egg or the mundane egg. More typically it is called the world egg (qv). In India the cosmic egg or macrocosm is called Pinda.

The Pinda itself is Shakti. Pinda means, literally, a ball or an egg. This egg is the cosmic egg or Macrocosm. and also the microcosmic egg, or the human being. It has six forms, called in this text Para (Supreme). Anadi (Without Origin), Adi (Origin), Mahasakara (Great Body), Prakrita (Natural Body) and Garbha (Womb-born Body).

Each of these six aspects of Pinda has itself five factors, these being subdivided into five other divisions. So each of the six aspects of Pinda has 25 qualities.
Cited from Website: Siddha Siddhanti

Just as the great flood begins to bury all life, a large golden egg will appear. This egg will contain the seeds of all forms of life that existed in the world before the flood. As the world drowns, the egg will float safety upon the waters of the boundless ocean.

When the ocean completely covers all three worlds, Vishnu will exhale a drying wind. For 100 years this wind will blow across the world, dispersing the storm clouds. For the remainder of the 1,000 Maha Yugas, that night in the life of the world, Vishnu will sleep and the world will lie asleep also.

At the end of the long night of 1,000 Maha Yugas, Vishnu will awaken. A marvelous lotus flower will emerge from his navel, and Vishnu will emerge from the lotus flower in his creative form of Brahma, creator of life on earth. The lotus will become the foundation of the three worlds.

Once he has emerged from the blossom, Brahma will rest upon it. Brahma will break open the egg to initiate the process of rebirth. This will usher in the next day in the life of the world, a new period of 1,000 Maha Yugas.
Cited from Website: Hinduism

The Indian mythological bird, Garuda, (Jap. Karura) is usually depicted as part human. It was created from the cosmic egg that also hatched the 8 elephants supporting the universe

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