Cross Places

Crosses are discussed in LEcture 05: Crosses. In Christianity, the Cross plays literally a crucial role. In the Cabala the cross is linked with the 32nd path of the Sephiroth. In the Tarot it is linked with trump card 21. Universe; with Saturn, Power-Servitude (D). In the hebrew Alphabet Tau (tav) is the 22nd letter and represents the 32nd path. The Latin cross, rising from a heart, like the Catholic emblem, the Crux in Corde, was an Egyptian symbol of goodness. The hieroglyph of a cross on a hill, associated with Osiris, stood for the “Good One”, in Greek Chrestos http://www.askwhy.co.uk/christianity/0515Cross.php
Crosses are discussed in
Lecture 05: Crosses