Buildings: West

In Egypt, the idea of a City of the Dead (Necropolis) led to pyramids being the most imposing structure. This notion continued in the Greco Roman tradition with a Mausoleum as one of the 7 wonders of the world. Even so, buildings in the West, became increasinly linked with life. In Greece, the Temple and the Theatre were the two most dramatic buidling forms. In Rome, the Temple and Theatre continued while the Colosseum and the Hippodrome, broght sports literally into the arena of action. The mediaeval period saw a focus on churches, then cathedrals as well as monasteries and abbeys. By the 13th century public architecture, espcially in the form of the town and city hall, aptly known in Italy as the public palace (Palazzo Pubblico) became one of the key buildings. Castles which had been a mainstay of mediaeval lords led fortifications and gradually also to palaces. Discussed in lecture 18a: Buildings West: temples

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