Power (Religion)

Power 1 God of Power Bodhisattva of Power Breathing Power Creative Power Active Creative Power (e.g. Nephthys) Divine Power Divine Power of Action Limited Power Unlimited Power Lord of Powerful Means Powerful Is The Heart Powerful Of Arm The Powerful One Serpent Power Spear of Power Tattva 10: Kala (Power) Original producer (or rather passive power of creating) the material world Overt Power Power of Words Great Power Healing Power of Nature Human Power Latent Power 2 God of Power and Wisdom Authority - Power Power-Servitude Power - Wisdom Transcendent Knowledge and Power Unlimited - Limited Power Moving and Erecting Power Shifting and Arranging Power Overt Power - Latent Power Power, Dominion More Powerful - Weaker God 3 Glory, Honour, Power Light, Power, Wisdom Power, Light, Compassion Lord of Powerful Means, Boundless Light, Lord of Great Compassion Power, Wisdom, Lust Power of Action, Power of Knowledge, Power of Will 4 Power, Glory, Blessing, Honour Purity, Light, Power, Wisdom Life, Light, Power, Wisdom Light, Life, Power, Wisdom 5 Greatness, Power, Glory, Victory, Majesty Five Fold Ministry Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher Five-fold God (Power) 6 Powers Sensuous World 11. Devas Wielding Power over Creation