Caduceus Terms

In the West, the Caduceus is associated with Hermes (Mercury) and with Aesculapius, and hence with medicine. It is often represented in conjunction with the cornucopia. In the Hebrew tradition, the caduceus is linked with the 3 Mother letters and 3 basic colours (red, yellow and blue). The caduceus typically has a central column around which two serpents are coiled. These motifs are also found in the East. In India, in yoga, the central column, corresponding to the spine is called the Shushumna, and surrounded by the two coiled energy channels called Ida and Pingala. In the Indian system these three energy channels were seen as 3 nadis. In nature, in Northern India there is an antelope cervicapra, the male species of which has a horn that is curled caduceus like. The caduceus connects Enki with Hermes in Greek mythology(and Poseidon in many ways); Moses (Numbers 21:8, 9) and Jesus Christ (who becomes The Caduceus - anyone who looks upon Him is healed, John 3:14). Cited from Website Wiki: Enki