The Moon was formerly the most important of the planets and in India was seen as origin of the Lunar Race. Among the Ancient Semites, the moon was called Sin. Mount Sinai refers to Sin, the Moon. Only gradually Sin became associated with the English word sin. Other names included Luna, the Greek god Apollo, and goddesses Selene and Cynthia. Chandra = India Nanna = Sumer Sin = ancient Semites Thoth = Egyptians http://paganastronomy.net/deities.htm In India the moon has 27 (or 28) Nakshatras. Each Nakshatra has 4 padas. Hence there are 108 padas and 108 tones of the moon. The moon is linked with Tarot Trump Card 18 Sephiroth path 29 Hebrew Letter Qoph Back of Head Pisces Sleep (S) Moon Cr�me Goddess Parvathi Monday North west Female Ruler of the world of the stars. http://www.countryoven.com/planets.asp Luminance: The most surface state of the subtle mind - desire oriented instinctual natures - and the inner sign (what you would look for lucidly) of the moonlit autumn sky during death dissolutions and birth arisings (part of the Buddhist process of developing full lucidity in all states of transition including death). Pure moonlight. This is associated with 33 instinctual patterns, with emphasis on desire. http://tarotcanada.tripod.com/MajorArcanaTibetanBookoftheDead.html