Lotus Terms

The lotus acquired special symbolic significance in the East not least because it could grow in dirty ponds, rise above them amd produce a flower of wondrous purity. Its eight petals became linked with the eight fold path, with the eight auspicious symbols and other symbols of buddhism. There were close symbolic links between the lotus and the palm and the lotus and the rose. There were lotus ceilings, lotus floors, and lotus leaf lamps. Three lotus leaves together were used in Karnak. In Europe, this became linked with the Fleur de Lys, as a symbol of Fiorenza (Florence) and later of France. In the 13th century the Black Priince, while in Southern France adapted the 3 flowers into 3 feathers and this subsequently became the image of the Prince of Wales. The lotus became addociated with Chakra 7 and thereby with the 1000 petalled lotus. It also became linked with the 1008 petalled flower because of the symbolic connections of that number with deity. Lotus ta tha da dha na Lotus A symbol of birth and dawn; it was thought to have been the cradle of the sun on the first morning of creation, rising from the primeval waters. The lotus was a common architectural motif, particularly used on capitals http://www.angelfire.com/me3/egyptgoddess/Def2.html The lotus is discussed in lectures 27a. Lotus and the Rose 27b. Lotus and the Palm