Precession of the Equinoxes

The earth rotates once around the sun every 365 days. In addition, it rotates around its axis like a top once every 25, 920 years. This is called precession of the equinoxes because it means that the sun gradually moves backwards through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. To move through one sign takes approximately 2,160 years. To move through one of the 360 degrees takes 72 years. Aquarius 2000 AD. Pisces 160 BC Aries 2320 BC Taurus 4480 BC Gemini 6540 BC We are now in the sign of Aquariius. The zodiac as we know it today was formed when the spring equinox (21 March) was in Aries. The four key signs at this time are called the Cardinal Signs/Cross. In astrology the Foxed and the Mutable Signs also play a key role. This means that astrology uses three configurations for the spring equinox ranging from 6540 BC to 2320 BC. Since this is well before Greco Roman and even Egyptian civilization, it suggest that the Western system must come from the East. In India, ground plans of temples were in squares Vastu purusha) . Three such squares 5 x 5, 8 x 8 and 9 x 9 multiplied by themselves produce 25,920, the number of years in the precession of the equinoxes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The earth’s precession causes our view of the heavens at a particular time (vernal equinox or winter solstice have usually been chosen as convenient markers) to change slightly from one year to the next. There is an annual advance of about 50 angular seconds, which amounts to 1 degree in 72 years, 30 degrees in 2,160 years, and 360 degrees in 25,920 years. The actual period slightly variable, but the present value is about 25,826 years. The traditional figure of 25,920 and its various factors appear repeatedly in calculations of Cosmic Ages, Aeons, and Eras. And in this ‘Great Year’ there are reckoned 360 ‘Days’ of 72 years, and 12 ‘Months’ of 2,160 years. 25,920 is the number of years in a precessional cycle, and it is the number of (double) minutes in a Sumerian year. 2,160 is the number of (double) minutes in a month of 30 days, and the number of hours in a Sumerian season; and it is the number of (4 second) breaths taken in a day. 72 x 5 = 360 (72)2 x 5 = 25,920 http://www.geocities.com/sarabhanga/yuga.html This led ultimately to the discovery that the equinox preceded about This, we are told, "led ultimately to the discovery that the equinox preceded about 2160 years in each sign or 25,920 years in the 12 signs, and this induced them to try if they could not form a cycle of the two. On examination, they found that the 600 would not commensurate the 2160 years in a sign, or any number of sums of 2160 less than ten, but that it would with ten, or that in ten times 2160, or in 21,600 years, the two cycles would agree; yet this artificial cycle would not be enough to include the cycle of 25,920. They, therefore, took two of the periods of 21,600, or 43,200; and, multiplying both by ten–viz: 600 X 10 = 6000, and 43,200 X 10 = 432,000–they formed a period with which the 600-year period and the 6000-year period would terminate and form a cycle. Every 432,000 years the three periods would commence anew; thus the three formed a year or cycle, 72 times 6000 making 432,000, and 720 times 600 making 432,000."[63] Cited from Website The God Idea cf. Website Anacalypsis

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