Polaris Terms

Polaris is associated with the North Pole Star. This role changes as the earth spins as if it were a top in a cycle called Precession of the Equinoxes. In India, Polaris is associated with Druva and its position as the axis aorund which all else turns is called the place of Dhruva (Dhruvalok). In some traditions Dhruva and the Buddha are equated. Moguls calling it the Golden Peg. In Damascus it is called Mismar, a Needle or Nail and Al Kutb al Shamaliyy, the Northern Axle, or Spindle, the Pin fixed in the under stone of a mill around which the upper stone turns. Indians called it Grahadhara the Pivot of the Planets. ....the Arabs looked on the star as an evil star, calling it Al Kiblah, because it was the star least distant from the pole. To them it was also Giedi or Al Jadi, Al Jadi, or Juddah, the Young He Goat, the slayer of the man who had slain the Great Warrior of the Sky; who forever lies in the huge coffin outlined by the stars marking the big dipper (Ursa Major), Cited from Website Polaris. Magnet Succory

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