In the human body the 3 nadis correspond to the three creative fires. Moon Agni Sun Red Dot Mixed White Dot Sacred Flame Left Central Right Ida Shushumnah Pingala In other texts the shushumna is a ray of the sun (see Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary under :go): Cherished by the Sushumna ray of the sun 3, the moon is fed to the full in the fortnight of its growth; and in the fortnight of its wane the ambrosia of its substance is perpetually drunk by the immortals, until the last day of the half month, when the two remaining digits are drunk by the progenitors: hence these two orders of beings are nourished by the sun. The moisture of the earth, which the sun attracts by his rays, he again parts with for the fertilization of the grain, and the nutriment of all terrestrial creatures; and consequently the sun is the source of subsistence to every class of living things, to gods, progenitors, mankind, and the rest. The sun, Maitreya, satisfies the wants of the gods for a fortnight (at a time); those of the progenitors once a month; and those of men and other animals daily. Quoted from Website Visnu Purana, chapter XI It is thought to be the Common Carotid Artery. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary suSumna mf({A}) n. very gracious or kind m. N. of one of the 7 principal rays of the sun (supposed to supply heat to the moon) ({A}) f. a partic. artery (prob. the carotid ) or vein of the body (lying between those called {iDA} and {piGgalA} , and supposed to be one of the passages for the breath or spirit ; cf. {brahma-randhra})

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