Chi Rho Terms

Chi Rho
600 100
Fire Capricorn
This sign, considered a monogram for Christ, also appears on Constantine’s coins from 315 CE. James Joyce likely considered the Chi–Rho a monogram for Anna Livia Plurabelle, as well as for Christ: the lower half of the “X” may be considered a pyramid akin to the “A” in Anna; the upper half may be considered the “L” of Livia; and the “P” may be considered the “P” of Plurabelle. Thus we have Black, White, Red. The nexus represents the present, the moment of multeity-in-unity, of sacrifice, of gravity — of the hero’s ascent, if you will, to Heaven, i.e. eternity, completion, fully self-aware existence. The sword-in-the-stone motif of the Arthur legend likewise corresponds to the Chi–Rho monogram. http://www.gravity.org/mythology/myth_iframe_5.html

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