The apple plays an important role in world culture.


The apple tree (q.v.) was one of the sacred trees of the druids and the Celts.

The apple was also important in India especially via the thorn apple, wood apple, rose apple, elephant apple and bilva.

The scientific name for apple is Mala Domesticus. In Sanskrit the word Mala means among other things: original sin. In Indian astronomy, it is also a star in the tail of Scorpio, that is linked also with the first man and woman, Yama and Yami linked with a Bifurcaton of the Milky Way. This star Mala is the object of arrow (Saru) by Dhanu (Sagittarius), later Zeus (Jupiter). which defines an inverted figure 4 which becomes the symbol for Jupiter and sets in motion the next cycle of a year. This begins in ernst when there is a new confluence of the Milky Way known celebrated on earth with a feast called the Khumba Mela (mela= gathering)at the time of Khumb (= the vase of Aquarius which was also seen as the vase with the nectar of immortality. So the Mala of Mula was overcome by the vase of the  Mela.

In India the monks developed beads called mala to overcome original sin. In the West, in Latin, mala became the word for evil and associated with the fall from paradise. In Greece the golden apple was linked with discord. In Northern Europe the apple symbolized the orb as the apple of the Empire (Reichsapfel) and became a part of the regalia of monarchs.