Libra Terms

Libra (21 September-20 October) symbolized by the Scales is said to have been introduced as a zodiac sign by Julius Caesar in 42 BC.
Solar 21 September - 20 October
Sidereal 18 October – 16 November
In the Indian system, Libra (Tula) rules the Nakshatras: 14. Chitra 3-4 15. Swati 1-2-3-4 16. Visaka 1-2-3 In terms of jewels,
Libra is linked with: Citrine, Moonstone, Opal, Rose Quartz, Tanzanite.
Waist, Navel Chord, Kidneys, Lumbar region and Skin
Persian Friday, O, ah, alas, woe, color of water, large cloud, camel station, Faith in Allah and Mohammed