Phanes or Himeros The Protogenos of Procreation and the personification of longing love
Here is bas relief from [Modeny]. Mitre, completely [chelovekoobrazen], although with the male goat hooves, it holds sceptre and lightning, (as they consider art critics), costing on the half of the egg, from which escapes the flame. On the breast scorpion, corpuscles and Aries. Around it - zodiacal signs. “Molniya” - very curious ancient [divays]. A similar weapon is encountered on many earliest images. But about “the lightning and the sceptres” somehow following time. Mitre from Iran it emigrated to Rome and occupied it. In the east from those places, which now customary to assume as the native land of contemporary civilization the revolution already by this time occurred - in China the polytheism was changed into the study Of [lao]-[Tszy] and [Konfutsiya], in India the Buddhists already preached. In the Iranian upland brought fruits the activity Of [zaratustry]. Each dualistic study promised rescuing from the evil to followers

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