Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Solar Gregorian 21 December Julian 13 December Sidereal 18 January 22 Febraury Indian 14 January The Winter Solstice is important in most cultures around the world, even in the Southern Hemisphere where winter and summer are reversed. In Sumeria it was symbolically represented with a man-like figure (cf. Enkidu, with 1 horn, cf. Vishnu Avatar 1) who conquers two female lionesses (the sun in the 6 month period when it is dominated by the moon from 21.06-20,12). By contrast the summer solstice was represented as two lions conquering the same man like figure: i.e. both the temporary triumph of the sun as light and the killing of the male force or creation of the 6 months from 21.12-20.06, a symbolic position also fulfilled by the death of Tammuz or Dumuzi. 3. Mitra and Varuna or Twins (Gemini), fighting Griffin (northern winds) Dis Pater, Prajapati 4. Varuna, Tiger and Ram (Aries, vernal point)

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