Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice 21 June Alternatives are 23 june and 24 June.
7. Vivasvat/Grannos (beaming, Sun), Aditi or Cybele holding panthers (Cassiopea)
8. Amsu, Two Lions (Leo major + minor ?) fighting with two Goats (Capella and Menkalinan in Auriga)
Litha, Summer Solstice (~June21) Power of the Oak King, the Summer Lord, Birth of the Holly King, the Winter Lord http://shadows.d43mon1k.net/spiral_of_life/spiral_of_life.htm
on the summer solstice the Fire Star, the central star of the Heart of the Dragon, culminated at dusk. http://www.fengshuigate.com/cosmology.html