Vishnu Terms

Vishnu is the Hindu god of preservation. He is typically seen as part of trimurti (trinity) comprised of:

Brahma Creator
Vishnu Preserver Sustainer of the Universe
Siva Destroyer.

Vishnu is considered the most important of the 12 preserver gods (Adityas). He is associated with Saturn and the god of time. Vishnu has 10 avatars or incarnations; has 108 abodes; 108 names and sometimes 1008 names. He is father of kamadeva.

Vishnu is the U of AUM and is Atri. Vishnu has as his mount Garuda, a bird which is Aquila in the West.

In some versions Vishnu is seen as the supreme god. This is among the Vaishnavites.

Vishnu is called Saptaidhaa because he has three forms of worship (Yagya) each with 7 forms.

Vishnu is married to Lakshmi who is also called Padmavathi.

ruled Banaras (also known as Kashi or Varanarsi) with Siva.

In Tantra Cosmology (cf. Website) Vishnu and his shakti
form is Sun
activity is action
guna is rajas
linga is Baana Linga in Anahata Chakra
level of creation is the subtle world

He rests on the ocean on his bed of Adisesha (serpent with 1,000 heads ).

Hebrew Yishma, Sanskrit Vishnu Hebrew Eli, Greco-Egyptian Heri / Heli, Sanskrit Hari (the so-called \'Solar and Fire\' form of Monotheism) Hebrew Yahu (Toba-Yahu), Greek Ousios, Sanskrit Vasu (Vasu-Deva) Hebrew Azar, Greek Osiris, Sanskrit Asura (root Asu)

Lord Vishnu is the Supreme Lord relaxing in the milky ocean on sesa, the
serpant lord. He fulfils the desires of his devotees. He came down as
Kapila, son of Kardama prajapati, lived in the hermitage of Siddhapuri &
converted the incomprehensible knowledge of supreme reality quite easy to be grasped. Then he became the son of Yama in his wife Murti & stayed at Satasringa mountain being served by sage Nara. Again, He descended on the earth as Dattatreya, the son of Atri & Anasuya & bestowed infinite wealth of Kaartaviryarjuna. He took the incarnation of Rsabha & taught all lores to his son Bharatha. This same Lord Vishnu took the form of Simsumara son of Dosa prajapati & Sarvari & delighted the parents by his wonderful deeds. He was born as Dhanvantari from the milky ocean & cured manifold diseases. He took the form of Hayagriva, killed demon Madhu & rescued the vedas stolen by him. He is standing on the banks of river Bhimarathi as per the wishes of his devotee Pundarika