The makara is a half fish-half animal. In India it is associated with the croocodile; with the Matsya avatar (avatar 1) of Vsihnu; and with with the Svadhisthana Chakra (chakra 2). The makara is also linked with the figure Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary m. a kind of sea-monster (sometimes confounded with the crocodile , shark , dolphin &c. regarded as the emblem of Kama-deva [cf. {mokara-ketana} &c. below] or as a symbol of the 9th Arhat of the present Avasarpini represented as an ornament on gates or on head-dresses) VS. &c. &c. a partic. species of insect or other small animal Susr. N. of the 10th sign of the zodiac (Capricornus) Suryas. Var. &c. the 10th arc of 30 degrees in any circle L. an army of troops in the form of a Makara Mn. vii , 187 an ear-ring shaped like a Makara BhP. (cf. {makara-kuNDala}) the hands folded in the form of Makara Cat. one of the 9 treasures of Kubera L. one of the 8 magical treasures called Padmini MarkP. a partic. magical spell recited over weapons R. N. of a mountain BhP. ({I}) f. the female of the sea-monster Makara Pan5cat. N. of a river MBh. Makara is half animal half fish. For example, he is sometimes described as having the head of an elephant and the body of a fish. Makara is one of the 8 magical treasures called Padmini, according to Markandeya Purana. http://www.art-and-archaeology.com/india/udkg/ud06.html http://sarasvati97.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!A74A2ADBFA0A3358!686.entry for time: Mahakala. makara (মকর) (crocodile, originally a sea monster) or mRga (মৃগ) (game animal) or shiMshumAra (শিংশুমার) (gangetic dolphin), When this idea goes West it becomes the god e-Kur (half fish-half ram) in Sumer and subsequently becomes the symbol for Capricorn and linked with the dolphin. Makara Blum Purple The makara, vahana of Varuna and Ganga, is a sea monster comprised of a crocodile, elephant, tapir, and tortoise. Wikipedia 4) makara forbearence kshanti Makara is somtimes translated as water horse and has the head of a goat. http://www.dollsofindia.com/ganga.htm Makara: the wives of the stars in the Orion constellation. (Australian aboriginal: Adnyamathanha tribe) http://www.pleiade.org/pleiades_02.html