4 Elements

Four Elements: Earth, Air Fire, Water

Four Deities Hades, Hera Zeus Nestis (= Persephone)

Five Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Metal, Wood

The four elements generate four of the basic prefixes for knowledge:

Earth Geo-
Air Aero-
Fire Pyro-
Water Hydro-

These then combine to produce basic sciences.

Our body, as said is, is composed of four elements, like as they had four seats in our body. That is to wit, the fire which is in the eyes, the air in the tongue and ears, the water in the natural members named genitals, and the earth hath domination in the hands and other members. Then in the eyes is curiosity, in the tongue and ears is scurrility, in the natural members, that is to say genitals, voluptuousness, and in the hands and other members cruelty.

Fire Eyes Curiosity
Air Tongue, Ears Scurrility
Water Genitals Voluptuousness
Earth Hands Cruelty

4 Elements
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4 elements
 in their generative and regenerative aspects