Horse Terms

In Zoology the horse is an animal. In astronomy it is one of the 12 Animals of the zodiac and one of the 14 animals of the Nakshatras. In Mythology it is one of the 13 sacred animals and plays an important role in most cultures of the world. Horse Sagittarius (Scorpio) Antares Pferd Hosch der Morgen morro Vater daddan Kuh küo essen ita Mutter nanna Biene bio schlafen suva Kind pilten Ei egg Messer kniv Knabe buana Baum trä Mädchen pika Ahorn läna Haus hüsse Gorsleben p. 688 sumscorp.com/kavai/newmethods/do/do_edit_keyword.php?action=linkkeyword&KeywordID=52546&linkKeywordID=52545

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