In the Hindu system a Yuga is an era or epoch. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: yuga n. a yoke , team (exceptionally m.) (ifc. f. {A}) a pair , couple , brace (also with {mAnuSa} or {manuSya}) a race of men , generation (exceptionally m.) a period or astronomical cycle of 5 (rarely 6) years , a lustrum (esp. in the cycle of Jupiter) an age of the world , long mundane period of years (of which there are four , viz. 1. Krita or Satya , 2. Treta1 , 3. Dva1para , 4. Kali , of which the first three have already elapsed , while the Kali , which began at midnight between the 17th and 18th of Feb. 3102 B.C. [O. S.] , is that in which we live ; the duration of each is said to be respectively 1 ,728 ,000 , 1 ,296 ,000 , 864 ,000 , and 432 ,000 years of men , the descending numbers representing a similar physical and moral deterioration of men in each age ; the four Yugas comprise an aggregate of 4 ,320 ,000 years and constitute a great Yuga or Maha-yuga a measure of length = 86 Angulas Sulbas. (= 4 Hastas or cubits ) a symbolical N. for the number four for the number twelve N. of a partic. position or configuration of the moon of a partic. Nabhasa constellation (of the class called Samkhya-yoga , when all the planets are situated in two houses) of a double Sloka or two Slokas so connected that the sense is only completed by the two together

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