Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
vAsuki m. (fr. {vasuka}) N. of a divine being Gobh. Kaus. of a serpent-king (one of the three chief kings of the Nagas , the other two being Sesha and Takshaka the gods and demons used the serpent Vasuki as a rope for twisting round the mountain Mandara when they churned the ocean RTL. 108 , 233) MBh. R. &c. of an author Pratap. Sch. of another man Pravar.
So they went about making the biggest milk-churn the world has ever known, using Mount Mandara as the churn/pivot, and the Serpent King Vasuki as the rope. They wound Vasuki around the Mount, and then, the Gods grabbing the tail and the demons grabbing his seven heads, proceeded to pull the great serpent back and forth, turning the mountain and churning the ocean. Needless to say, the whole thing was making Vasuki a bit nauseus, and he kept belching fire into the demons faces, while the Gods had partly cloudy skies and a nice breeze on their end.

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