Creation is a complex theme. Christianity focusses on an event that took 6 or 7 days. In other religions such as Hinduism, there are 7 Creations. While Christianity assumes a Creator God, many earlier traditions have a Creator Goddess. In the dualist traditions of Mani, Creation becomes a Realm of Creation as one of 6 Realms (or worlds, called Olams, cf. alams) and there are also competing models of Averse Creation. This model comes from the Zoroastrian tradiition which includes a series of 6 Creations. The Indiian (Hindu, Buddhist) traditions also have 5 basic realms but are more complex still, with up to 10 Creator gods in a complex of 32, 36 or more levels of Existence. Moreover, creation is cyclical but also contains an evolutionary strand therein. Most pre-Christian accounts begin from a First Principle as a Cause of Creation: Void (Emptiness, Nothing, Chaos) Spirit (Spirit of Creation (Holy Spirit, Essence) Sound ( Speech, Vac, Logos, Vibration) Fire (e.g. Cosmic Fire, Flaming Pearl) Waters Time (Kala, Chronus) Egg (Cosmic Egg) Creation is typically dealt with under terms such as Creation Mythology, Origin, Beginning, Evolution and Religion and Magic Cf. Wiki Creation Myth Origin Belief Creation within belief systems Library of Congress Creation Mythology Origin See Also: Beginning Narrower Term: Chain of being (Philosophy) Narrower Term: Chaos (Christian theology) See Also: Biblical cosmology See Also: Creationism See Also: Evolution Narrower Term: Jesus Christ Primacy cf. http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/04470a.htm

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