Aquarius (Khumb) is from 21 January - 20 February.
Light Burst

In the Indian system, Aquarius rules over the Nakshatras:

23. Dhanista 3-4
24. Satabisha 1-2-3-4
25. Purvabadra 1-2-3

In terms of jewels, Aquarius is linked with:
Garnet, Hematite, Blue Sapphire .

Legs, Blood Circulation and Ankles

Aquarius lies between Capricornus and Pisces, the sun entering it on the 14th of February, and leaving it on the 14th of March

Aquarius Crater
Urn: Pouring Urn:

New Testament Christians of the 16th and 17th centuries likened it appropriately enough to John the Baptist, and to Judas Thaddaeus the Apostle, although some went back to Naaman in the waters of Jordan, and even to Moses taken out of the water

Christ as Water Carrier

Thus the Ethopian of Thebes named stars of inundation, or Aquarius, those stars under which the Nile began to overflow;* stars of the ox or the bull, those under which they began to plow; stars of the lion, those under which that animal, driven from the desert by thirst, appeared on the banks of the Nile; stars of the sheaf, or of the harvest virgin, those of the reaping season; stars of the lamb, stars of the two kids, those under which these precious animals were brought forth: and thus was resolved the first part of the difficulty.

* This must have been June.

Aquarius y Yod, Hand put forth, Exo 7:19 To Send Out (Arab.) Oba 11

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