Primordial Mound

It was from Nun that Ra (or Amun, another of the Ogdoad who became prominent Middle Kingdom onward, and joined with the sun god as Amen-Ra) created himself, rising up on the first piece of land - the primeval mound (Benben) out of the lotus blossom, born from the world egg, or as a bnw-bird who then found and landed on the mound. http://www.crystalinks.com/nun.html Ptah (also spelt Peteh) was the deification of the primordial mound in the Ennead cosmogony, which was more literally referred to as Ta-tenen (also spelt Tathenen), meaning risen land, or as Tanen, meaning submerged land. Wiki: Ptah There were at least three competing visions of the Primordial Mound: Hermopolis Ogdoad (8 Gods) Heliopolis Ennead (9 Gods) Westjeset Hor Festival of the Beautiful Reunion, = United Behedet The artificial hill on the western bank of the river Nile symbolized the Primeval Hill that rose above the Primeval Water Nu(n) and released both the sky Hathor/Nut and the sun Re. The step pyramid also symbolized a star: Heka, lambda Orionis, head of Sahu; thus linking the earthly incarnation of Osiris, the majestic river Nile, with his heavenly abode, the magnificent constellation of Sahu/Orion. http://www.seshat.ch/home/egypt2.htm