Boar Names

Boar is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac in some versions and appears as one of the 3 animals after the autumn equinox. In other versions the boar is replaced by a pig. Boar (Alioth, Mizar/Alcor and Benetnash in Ursa Major) Goddess Ceridwin, a Celtic Mother Goddess was also called the old White Sow. The Boar too is a sacred animal of Goddess Isis ( the Egyptian equivalent of Durga ) and her brother is a black boar ( called Seth ). In the Celtic and Welsh version, the boar represents courage and strong warriors. In China, the boar represents the wealth of the forest. In Japan, the boar depicts courage. To the Buddhist, the boar represents attachment ( general and material ), greed and lust. Cited from Website: Vaarahi First, the character 豬, which denotes pigs generally in Chinese, is used in Japanese to refer specifically to wild boars.[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boar_%28zodiac%29 White Boar - Black Boar Night Moon Osiris Set Growth Decay Waxing Waning

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