The Nile is one of the great rivers of the world. Like the Ganges it was seen as an earthly version of the Eridanus or even of the Milky Way itself. The Ganges had its own goddess: Ganga. The Nile has its own god: Hapi, which has a variant for Upper Egypt and for Lower Egypt. These two Hapis are involved in representations of the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, which is usually interpreted as a purely political, historical event. There is reason to believe, however, that this hustorical event may have been linked symbolically with the Egyptian creation story, which would explain iconographic parallels with the Indian parallel which inviolves the Churning of the Great Ocean. 20 May Rising of Nile Descent of Heavenly Nile linked with Birth of Christ 15 August Flooding of Nile 12 June - 12 November Rising Recession of Nile - both linked with Siant Michael

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