Ursa Maior Places

Ursa Maior (literally Big Bear) is one of the major constellations which has a number of different names around the world. Europe Ursus Maior (Big Bear) Big Dipper Big Dipper + Draco> Serpent with 7 Heads Plough India Seven Wise Men Sapta Rsi Aztecs Seven Macaws Egypt Thigh of Bull Four Sons of Horus in a Lotus Pregnant Hippopotamus (Taweret, Goddess Childbirth) Scandinavia Big wain in form of big spoon China Nine Stars (Jiuxing) Ursus Major is also seen as a Female Bear Goddess, Freya, Ursul, Cf. Saint Ursula In the Arabic tradition, Ursa Maior entails a first, second and thrid leap (cf. the Footprints of Vishnu).

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