Stars: Individual

Star is linked with: Tarot Trump Card 17 Sephiroth Path 28 Hebrew Letter Tzaddi Fish-hook Aquarius Imagination (S) It is linked with Temperance. According to Massey, a star was seen as a spark that was a soul of life. There were 7 Sparks of Life. 7 Stars of Big Dipper 108 Stars of Destiny 12 Stars in Crown 14 Major Stars 15 Behenian Stars 15 Gems Linked with 15 Behenian Stars 15 Plants Linked with 15 Behenian Stars 15 Stars on Path of Ea 23 Stars on the Path of Anu 33 Stars in Path of Enlil 36 Stars of Heaven 4 Archangel Stars 4 Royal Stars 4 Stars 7 Stars in Hand 72 Stars of Earth 9 Stars (Jiuxing)

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