Ida is one of the 3 nadis in the body along with Pingala and the Shushumnah. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: iDa m. N. of Agni (who is to be addressed with prayers , or invoked with the stream of flow of praise) cf. ila N. of a king (a son of Kardama or Manu) 2 iDA f. or (in Rig-veda) 3 idA ind. (fr. pronom. base 3. {i}) , Ved. now , at this moment ; (often connected with a gen. of {ahan} e.g. {idAcidahnaH} , or {ahnaidA} , this present day , now-a-days ; and with {hyas} e.g. {idAhyaH} , only yesterday) 4 IDA f. praise , commendation L.

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