4 Great Kings

chaturmaharajikas (means 4 great kings) the Buddhists call the gods of fire, water and earth who dwell in the North, South, East and West.

1. Dhatarattha of the East,
2. Vir?a of the South,
3. Vir?ha of the West, and
4. Vessarana of the North.

They live in CⴵmmahⲢjik⠷ which is the lowest of the 4 deva worlds situated half way up Mount Meru.

Dhatarattha of the East,
Virūlhaka of the South,
Virūpakkha of the West, and
Vessarana of the North (D.ii.207f; iii.194f).

North, South, East, West
Vaiśravana (Kubera) Virūdhaka, Dhtarāstra, Virūpāksa
Vessarana, Viruhaka, Dhatarattha, Virupakkha

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