Double Eagle

Double Eagle
cf. Rokk (which is more precisely: Phoenix - Eagle)
Garuda Bherunda
Double Eagle: Alaja Huyuk, Turkey
Byzantine Eagle
 Double Eagle: Flag of Greek Orthodox Church 
Flag of Byzantine Empire
Double Headed Eagle
 Habsburg Double Eagle                                Double Eagle of Austro Hungarian Empire  
 Double Eagle (Moscow)
 This bird appears in Lygash under the name of Imgig, and apparently is emblematic of the union of Enlil and Ningersu; it appears among the Hittites as Teshup; it appears among the Hindoos as Garuda; it is called Hamca by the Seliuk Turks; and among the Hida Indians of America it appears as the Thunder Bird or Helinga. Among the Zuni Indians in another form it appears as a highly conventionalized design, but still as a double-headed thunder bird, the Sikyatki.

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