Hexagram Terms

In India, the hexagram as a combination of an upward and a downward traingle (qv) is a symbol of sexual union associated with Shiva. This connotation is also present in the Celtic tradition. In India, the hexagram is also associated with the seal of Vishnu as part of a yantra. In the Hebrew tradition this six sided figure becomes the Seal of Solomon and the Star of David. In Greece, the hexagram becomes associated with the planets. In the Christian, tradition the vertical column becomes associated with the tree of Life and the horizontal beam associated with the Tree of Knowledge. In astronomy the path of Mercury is a hexagram just as the path of venus is a pentagram. In China, the Hexagram is effectively a coupling of two Trigrams. http://www.mikecrowson.co.uk/pentagram.html It is also referred to as the interlaced triangle or crossed triangle.

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