Alpha is linked with the first letter and with Omega the last letter of the Greek Alphabet. The first and last letters are symbols for beginning and end in many senses: of the growth cycle; of the year; of development in a human; of life etc. Accordingly Alpha was associated with beginning, with the sprout, with Aries and the equivalent of chakra 1 in the Hindu system. Alpha leads not only to BEta but also to Omega. In Sanskrit the corresponding sound is the A of AUM. ALPHA is much more than a letter. It is effectively a mnemonic to indicate key points in the alphabet. See: A L and A L P H A. A L Pha 1 12 22 or 21 The Greek word ALPHA is five letters in Latin Script A L P H A 1 11 16 7 1 is 4 letters in Greek Script α λ φ α 1 11 21 1 meaning Everything Left Many Sun using the Limyran Oracle Cf. Beginning Middle Letters End A K L T Sequence 1 11 12 22 Gematria 1 20 30 400

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