3 Pillars

The imagery of 2 pillars and the imagery of 3 pillars is closely connected. In the latter the two become opposites for which the third column becomes a balanced alternative.
The Three Pillars are The
Pillars of Judgement,     Mercy and                  Benignity.
Pillar of Water                  Pillar of Air                 Pillar of Fire
Left Pillar                          Middle Pillar              Right Pillar
Mercy                                 Benignity                   Judgement
Kiss                                                                       Scourge
Capricorn                         Aquarius                    Leo
Unicorn                             Monkey                      Lion
Sun                                    Divine Perfection    Moon
                                          and Grace;
The three lines, or pillars, of the sefirot
Maha Gayatri, Maha Savitri, Maha Saraswati
Birth Life Death

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