3 Gods Terms

A belief in God as 3 is found in the Trimurti, Trinity and 3 Names of God.

In the Hindu creation story the 1 god and the 2 gods combine as

Anam Agam Alaksha
the Nameless the Inaccessible the Incomprehensible
Sat Cit Ananda

and lead to the 3 Doshas, 3 Gunas and the components of AUM

Vata Pitta Kapha
Driving Force Fire Water
Desire Inertia Activity

Potentially linked with the above are other triads which only come into existence at later stages:

Kamandalu Cakra Arrows
Creator Preserver Destroyer
Brahma Vishnu Shiva

Ahura Mazda Angra Mainyu Spenta Mainyu
(Darkness) (lLight)

Anu Sin Ea

Sin Shamash, Ishtar, personifying
moon sun, earth

Abba Ben (Kether) Aima
Ouranos Chronos Zeus
Protogonos Chronos Zeus
Eros Chronos Zeus
Cupid Saturn Jupiter

Holy Spirit
Eternal Patience

Ibn Arabi
The First Intellect, The Universal Soul, Universal Nature

Heavens         Zeus          Zeus         Indra/Dyaus   Brahma
Oceans           Pontus      Poseidon Varuna            Vishnu
Mountains      Attis           Hades       Mitra                 Shiva


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