Apple Tree

In Botany the Apple Tree is a Tree. The Apple Tree is an important tree in many cultures. In a cultural context in the East, five varieties have special significance: Apple (Mala Domesticus) Wood Apple (Bilva, Aegle Marmelos, Bael, Bel, stone apple,Bengal quince) Melia Azederach (Arbre du Paradis) Thorny Apple Rose Apple In the West, the Apple is one of the 12 Sacred Trees and one of the Seven Sacred Trees of Druids: Brehon Law Ireland. It is also one of the trees associated with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Old Testament. Some trace this to a Latin pun between malus (apple) and malum (evil). Therefore, Apple of Evil. In Sansktit Mala is also a star meaning original sin. (This star is also called moola or mula meaning root. In the North American Indian tradition among the Cherokee some legends speak of an Apple tree of creation. Jun 25 to Jul 04 Dec 23 to Dec 31 http://www.extrasensory-perceptions-guide.com/birth-tree.html

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