Who Mythologers What Mythology Etymology μῦθος = story, legend > Mytho- Logos > --ology Hstory Mythology is one of the major categories of the Mental World. It is linked with religion and literature in early cultures. Wiki General Archetypal literary criticism Comparative mythology Folklore National myth Artificial mythology Legendary creature Mytheme Monomyth Mythical place Origin belief Mythological archetypes Culture hero Death deity Earth Mother First man or woman Hero Life-death-rebirth deity Lunar deity Psychopomp Sky father Solar deity Trickster Underworld Panic Myth and religion Religion and mythology Christian mythology (Mythological and eschatological Biblical interpretation and Jesus as myth), Jewish mythology Islamic mythology List of mythologies List of deities List of mythical object List of species in folklore and mythology List of species in folklore and mythology by type Related Concepts fables, legends, folktales, fairy tales, anecdotes or fiction, Related Topccs Literature Religion Architectural Phantasy

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