Venus Names

Venus is associated with a five pointed star or pentagram. One explanation for this association is that the path of Venus is a pentagram. Every 224 days it completes an orbit. This means it makes a complete cycle of 5 phases in 13 Venus years or 8 earth years. This pentagram is also the symbol of Lucifer. To distinguish between the two the inverted pentagram became the symbol of Lucifer. The path of mercury is a hexagram. Cited from Website: Origins of the Pentagram In India, Venus is a man: Shukra, who is in charge of Knowledge in contrast to Brihaspati (Jupiter) who is responsible for Wisdom. In India, in some traditions Venus is linked with Pink, Sri MahaLakshmi, Friday, Southeast and Female. Cited from Website: The Solar Family India Shukra Sumer Inanna Akkadian Athtar (The Strong) Canaan Athtar (Torch Bearer of Baal) Hebrew Helel (Bright One) Azazel (After the Fall) Greek Aphrodite Roman Venus Shukra Venus Venus Exalted Debilitated Meena Kanya http://www.parashara.com/venus.html Venus is a feminine principle. The reason for this might be that she spends nine months as the evening star, she disappears and then, after her return, she spends another nine months as the morning star. We all know what takes nine months. Something only a woman can do (so far). When we try to interpret the meaning of Venus’ retrograde motion we need to consider how difficult the last few thousand years have been for feminine beings like the earth, women and their children. http://www.juliesimmons.ca/articles/VenusRET.htm cf. Planetary Lingusitics http://seds.lpl.arizona.edu/nineplanets/nineplanets/days.html

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