5 Elements Terms

Sanskrit The first five consonants were linked with the five elements and called the kavarga:
Consonants 1 2 3 4 5
ka kha ga gha na
Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth
Tattva 32, Tattva 33, Tattva 34, Tattva 35, Tattva 36 These become part of larger systems:
e.g. 5 Elements + 3 Inner Organs (Mind, Intelligence, Ego) = 8 Divisions of Lower Prakriti
or combinations
5 Elements 5 Sensations
kavarga cavarga
Consonants 1-5 Consonants 5-10
In India, the 5 elements (tattvas) related to larger scheme through the 8 Vasus, the 24 elements and the 36 elements (tattvas):
5 Subtle Elements (5 tanmatras) 5 Gross Elements or 5 Physical Elements (5 Bhutas,Pancha Mahabhutas).
5 Tattvas (Elements) combine with 3 Doshas (Vital Energies) to produce 7 Dhatus (Body Tissues).
In the tradition of Hatha Yoga, the 5th element, ether was replaced by space.
Tibet In Bon: 5 Elements Space Air Fire Water Earth http://sherabchammaling.com/yungdrung-bon.html
In Greece, the 5 elements became linked with the 5 Platonic solids. Earth Air Fire Water Ether Cube Tetrahedron Octahedron Icosahedron Dodecahdron
In China, there were 5 Stages of Change: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Metal, Wood.
They are assigned the Hebrew names for the elements (Aretz – Earth, Ruach –Air, Maim – Water, Ash – Fire, and Eth –Spirit).
Western Tattvas that are composed of mixed elements are known as Compound Elements, and are pictured as triangles within triangles. These elegantly simple emblems are perfectly designed for use in traditional skrying rituals that employ Qabalistic god-names and Hebrew angels rather than Enochian ones. http://www.llewellyn.com/bookstore/article.php?id=552 A
retz, Ruach, Maim, Ash, Eth
Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit
5 Elements of Bright Tree

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