Baptism Terms

Baptism In the West, in Christianity, Baptism is one of the sacraments. It is said to have been introduced from the East by a certain Buddhasp. In Catholicism the emphasis is often on Baptism of/by Water. This is linked with a tradition of Living Water (cf. Aqua viva) and Spirit of Water. St. Alphonsus reminds us that there are three baptisms: by water, by fire by blood baptismus fluminis baptismus flaminiis baptismus sanguinis. These can be linked with 3 feasts: Epiphany Pentecost Celebration of Sobor January 6 50 days after Easter 8 November So the quest for Living Water is linked with a larger quest for Living Elements (ether, zephyr or wind, air, fire, water and even earth) and with Living Spirit or Breath of Life which became known in the West as the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. The Christians are not alone. Etruscans had Baptism of air, fire and water. Followers of Mithra had Baptism of Air, Fire, Water, Blood. The Chinese had a quest for Qi or Chi. Druid Magic entailed the Spirit of Spirit, of Fire, Air, Water and Earth and was linked directly with their alphabet. So the quest for baptism is much more than a sacrament. It is linked with a fundmental human quest to go beyond the limitations of a physical body and to understand life of the spirit. Compare the following quote: This new life of the spirit begins from the day of initiation into the mysteries of the spirit, call it what you like: "Deeksha" as the Hindus do, "Baet" as the Muslims say, "Baptism" as it is known among the Christians, or "Pahul" as among the Sikhs. The Vedic seers gave it the name of "Duey Janama" which literally means second birth. The life of the spirit begins not with the theoretical exposition of the spiritual science but by a practical demonstration on the spiritual plane of the spirit-current made manifest. Here the invisible and inaudible life-stream is made both visible and audible to the spirit within, converting the atheist into a theist in the true sense of the term. It is imparting the life-impulse and making It throb in every pore of the body. This coming back of the soul to the realization of her true nature and rising into Universal or Cosmic awareness beyond the walls of finitude is true resurrection or coming to a new birth and a new life. www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/naam/naam_shabd3.htm The Sanskrit words relating to baptism: jnAnasnAnakullA jnAnasnAnam jnAnatITcai are etymologically linked JnAnam and Jnana: spiritual wisdom cf. Janna, Jani, Gianni, John as in John the Baptist