7 Chakras India

In Indian yoga there are typically seven chakras (energy centres) situated along the spine (shushumnah) and connected also with the nadis Ida and Pingala.

The first four of the seven chakras are linked with animals as are the first four of the seven stages of initiation in the Bacchus tradition. The makara connected with chakra 2 recurs as avatar 1 in the 10 avatars of Vishnu.

Chakra 1. Muladhara Elephant
Chakra 2. Svadhisthana Makara (Crocodile)
Chakra 3. Manipura Ram
Chakra 4. Anahata Antelope

Chakra 5. Vishudda
Chakra 6. Ajna
Chakra 7. Sahasrara

Each of the 6 gateways of the first enclosure of the Sri Yantra also stands for one of the six primary chakras in the body. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Below\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' is the root or Muladhara Chakra; the Eastern gate to the sacral or Svadhishthana Chakra; the Southern to the navel or Manipura Chakra; the Western corresponds to heart or Anahata Chakra; the Northern to the throat or Visuddha Chakra, and the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'above\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' to the brow or Ajna Chakra.

Muladhara 4 Petals Earth Lam
Svadhisthana 6 Red Petals Water Vam
Manipura 10 Blue-Grey Petals Fire Ram
Anahata 12 Red Petals Air/Wind Yam
Visuddha 16 Purple Petals Space Ham
Ajna 2 Grey or White Essence Om
Sahasrara 1000 Pink/White 50 Sanskrit Letters

Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Om, 50 Sanskrit Letters

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